May 24, 2011

Parent Recommendation

"I've been bringing my two boys to Tiny Titans Daycare for the past four years and they have loved it!  It has been my lifesaver too.  Kristen, Andrea, and Ruth really LOVE these kids that they care for.  They make sure that they feel safe, cared for, and loved.  They are always aware of how the kids are treating each other and how the high school students are interacting and caring for the kids.  My boys have learned so much from the activities and lessons that they are constantly being taught at Tiny Titans Daycare.  They have done drawings and crafts.  They've played games and run outside when the weather is nice.  My older son has learned the alphabet, how to spell the letters, and how to write his name because of the wonderful preschool program they offer.  Learning and growing is always what is happening at the daycare and I'm so grateful for these women who've provided this kind of environment for my boys.  I know they work hard.  In the past couple of months we have had to transfer to another daycare in the Davis School District because of my job changing.  We have really missed Tiny Titans Daycare and I personally, will always be grateful for the great care that my boys received while they were there.  Thank you for all you have done."
-Sarah Silva